The engine with completely built-in rim and gear rim

Patented high-capacity engine with torque sensor, direct impulse, 4 steps, energy recovery, hub engine without brushes with a weight of 4.5 kg.

Recuperability: during the driving energy won back in the battery.

Intelligent system: with the help of a microprocessor the engine calculates the current push strength and compensates for the weakest segments by which a steady forward  is guaranteed.

Security: The engine is completely sealed and thereby protected absolutely against rains. A thermo cover prevents any overheating.

BIFS assembly part

Item.- Nr.: Description Price
AB-NRST26 7s BIFS compl. 26” 7speed € 1.299,99
AB-NRST26 8s BIFS compl. 26” 8speed € 1.299,99
AB-NRST26 9s BIFS compl. 26” 9speed € 1.299,99
AB-NRST28 7s BIFS compl. 28” 7speed € 1.299,99
AB-NRST28 8s BIFS compl. 28” 8speed € 1.299,99
AB-NRST28 9s BIFS compl. 28” 9speed € 1.299,99


PC Console

Setting of 2 System steps:

• Automatic one 

• 300% of support

The LED Display registers as the energy in won back in which step on the battery.

The battery

BIFS uses a portable Li-Ion battery with Panasonic cells. This battery allows an excellent reach, with a weight of only 1.7KG.

Battery type: 24V/9AH Li-lon.

Reach: to 60 km, depending on selected support level, street conditions, as well as weight of the driver.