BIFS Motor specifications


Engine control:

With the gear selction and the strength exercised on the pedals you determine the force, that is measured at the axis. Through the patented sensor package the data is transmitted to a 32 bits processor, that calculates the applied support power. 


Engergy return path:

Sensor package and calculator allow in the company mode"automatic" an automatically regulated energy return path from a speed of 10km/h if not is kicked. So that is connected an infinitely variabale varying brake effect which holds the bicycle in the speed range between 15 and 20km/h.


Engine support:

The engine supports to 25km/h with maximum 3 times jack engine, about that to 28 km/h the support decreases linearly up to zero.



•Latest technology with automatically controlled Torgue sensor pedalec intelligent system.

•Simple operation on the PC display.

•Quiet and gearless hub motor,the latest design with an integrated torque sensor and computer control system.

•Regeneration of energy during riding, braking or downhill (brake assistance)

•Conversion kit for most standard sizes (24", 26" and 28"(700C)) and types of bicycles.

•Conversion kits can be fitted quickly and easily (Self Installation).

•At speeds greater than 25km/h the motor shuts off automatically.